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I am 2.0

January 25, 2009

This is my first reconnaissance into the Blogosphere, and I thought the first thing I’d post is a funny story about how I got here.

Dear Restaurant,

My adjustment to this job is an epic failure. I thought, perhaps, I could juggle school with labour, and maybe I could, in smaller increments; or work without the labour of school. I do know the physical exertion coupled with the miscellany of education has made me a dull dishwasher.

The struggle to keep ahead of dishes is something like Sisyphus wearily and unrelentingly pushing a stone up a hill, only to have it roll back; or like the Roman Emperor Caligula ordering his army to collect every sea shell from the beach; or like trying to stop waves from crashing on the shore, and etcetera – all epic failures.

I don’t doubt your anger at my incompetence – that from your perspective looks simple. My perspective looks like an unnerving detachment against a lone barricade. The dishes move unrelentingly forward, and at the end of the night it becomes dishes bottlenecking with the traffic of pots. Each pot a new and disturbing disaster requiring time and efficiency; each dish a rising tidal wave.

I can only say I am mentally and physically drained and will serve the position until it can be filled by a more dutiful dishwasher – perhaps one with great optimism.


Your Dishwasher

It was shortly after this dish hating epiphany that I decided to focus my attention on things I like. My Delicious bookmarks ( jeffdoesread on Delicious) has links to some recent journalism I’ve penned.

A Planetary Proposal was my first review last year. It’s wordy and I tried to have fun with it.

Meeting the musician Mark Nadjiwan was a blast. I chilled backstage with a bunch of artists: Burnstick, Plex, and many others who were all lots of fun to talk with.

Then I wrote about the General Plan for the East. I tried to find a way that I could relate to it; to make it relevant.

With every new story I’m discovering the necessity for greater and better research. Sure lots of what I write may never pay big, but I’m learning something.


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  1. January 25, 2009 5:50 pm

    Congratulations on your first blog, first blog post and the creation of an about page. I have put up a set of blogging guidelines and suggested topics for writing in the wiki. I will print this up and bring it to class on Monday as well – for all of you to think about. For now, you are just getting comfortable. This first post is a classic “first post” … very impressed with you for taking the initiative to go ahead and explore this on your own. As all of you will discover, this stuff is very easy if you have the will to explore and be curious.


  1. Intern Net | Defining Canada

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