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March 31, 2009

When’s the last time you got a piece of mail from a friend? Not the electronic kind the real postal kind. directmail3I was surprised to find a letter from a friend my own age. It was a little exciting because it was my birthday and although they couldn’t be there to say “happy birthday” a letter is a tangible piece of “how do you do?”

Facebook and Messenger can put us in touch instantly with our friends around the world and even offer gifts to give. But a letter has the handwritten appeal. What makes a letter so great? Well, for one email is too formal and usually used for work. Every aspect of our lives are spent on machines: talking, texting, inundated with dynamic imagery. A letter has the quality of being tangible. It takes time to write on it. The user has thought the words through and has not just pushed a send button. It has travelled a real distance.

In the world of marketing does snail mail beat email? I know my rommates and I have a place just for promotional flyers, the recycling bin. But at least they get a look at. In my inbox I don’t even bother taking a looking at the hundreds of spams I get a month. The article details the findings of the International Communications Research (ICR) and concludes that customers overwhelmingly prefer promotional messages via snail mail. Is it because customers feel that there is a real effort in this kind of mail?

Tell me what you think?

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