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July 22, 2010

You know what they say? C.R.E.A.M. Cash Rules Everything Around Me, Get the money, dolla dolla bills yall. It’s the founding tenets of this country. Chaucer wrote about it: Radix malorum est cupiditas, Love of money is the root of evil. I wouldn’t go that far. I also hear “Greed is good!” Depends which side of the coin your on. You either got it or you don’t. Cash that is. Gold. Sweet Sweet power.  

You want it. I have it. You take it. That’s the world’s history in a nutshell. Sharing is an afterthought. After all if you can’t defend it, then you don’t deserve it.

This morning on the radio I head a story about a man who is single handedly standing up to Osisko mines. Everyone else, 200 other homeowners, took their cash and left. His home is at the centre of the largest open pit gold mine in Canada. It is in Malartic, Quebec.

You can read the full story here: Quebec homeowner won’t make way for mine. The town was relocated because of the minerals beneath the land. The majority consensus was to leave, but he stayed.

First of all, they shouldn’t look [for minerals] under municipalities, because people live there and there’s rights of property,” said Massé. “And, the way mines should act, not just the mines in Malartic — but for all mines — they should act rationally and not just take all of the gold in a couple years and leave with it.

Mr. Massé is upset that his family home will be lost. I was going to go into a diatribe of avarice and use quotes from the Canterbury Tales and maybe Milton and sprinkle in a good dose of rap lyrics, but that would require more effort than just blogging.

My point is, we may have advanced technologically, but we sure haven’t gotten far spiritually or morally. If our modern Chaucer’s and Donne are Nas and Jay-Z they are celebrating greed and desire now.


Speaking of avarice brings me around to why not share? The housing situation on First Nations communities, not all, but many is wack. It’s well documented. I’ve seen some shitty places in my explorations of Canada. It’s a shame.

There are definite improvements being made. I just got a link from a friend about this awesome news story: Holmes tackles First Nations housing:

The Assembly of First Nations announced Wednesday that a partnership agreement has been signed with Mike Holmes, star of the home-renovation show Holmes on Homes, and his company, The Holmes Group.

The AFN’s agreement with Holmes establishes a pilot project to build energy-efficient, environmentally friendly homes and other infrastructure in a select First Nation community.

Over the next month, the AFN and Holmes will choose which reserve community will become the site of the project, the AFN said.

That made my day. Everyday we should do something for someone else. Small deeds by many people can add up to big things. Especially, when you live in the city it’s easy to shut your blinds and forget your neighbours. When the lowest values of society are celebrated in song then society might want to swing the pendulum away from technology and inward.

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  1. davidsonson permalink
    July 22, 2010 7:15 pm

    I have to say this was a good post

  2. Eva Rose permalink
    July 23, 2010 11:09 pm

    My mom says she seen Mike Holmes that day, great project don’t you think? I hope they decide to build on Wasausking in close proximity to my mothers so I can live there! Green Holmes

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