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The Sky is Falling

August 20, 2010

Generation Y, The Millenials, are apathetic and whiny. The generation behind them are star struck and stupid because of over exposure to media. The world is careening into ecological disaster, and the Baby-Boomers are to blame because of their greedy ideals that have caused unheard of spending and mineral greed. And The Greatest Generation Ever, the ones who survived the World War and the Great Depression, are shaking their heads in disbelief.

MyFox declares that those Millenial pansies will drive the country to ruin. The Baby Boomers must hold onto their jobs even longer to make sure no one takes control from them and initiates something stupid, like new ways of doing things.

There’s only one way to get things done. The right way. And young apathetic pansies who talk all day on their cell phones and texting machines don’t know their asses from a hole in the ground. Amright Fox? They published this article, Can Generation Y Keep America Great?

That criticism she says are the often repeated opinions of her elders: that Generation Y is apathetic, self centered and generally looking out for itself… The United States ranks 12th in the world among 25-35 year olds without college degrees. Likewise, the New York Times reports that 37 percent of unemployed young adults currently out of work. That is the highest since the 1930s. And 23 percent of them aren’t even seeking work… Rosetta Thurman, an author and expert on Generation Y, says a third of Generation Y is actually living with their parents.

The world is doomed. The young generation doesn’t understand the rules of the game. So, to break it down for the young people, you have to tell them in a language they understand. Life is like a video game, say, like Pac Man. You need to earn more points. The more points you get the higher your level goes. The higher your level goes the more points you make and subsequently you get the highest score possible and beat every other loser who is shitty at that game.

Your points are money. You need to earn more money points to be good. And the only way to earn more money points is to play that game longer and harder than anyone else. Just look at this article from the Financial Post if you don’t believe me:

A decade ago, Baby Boomer executives who turned to me for advice about career strategies were usually driven by simple motivator — lucrative financial compensation and status, or getting the corner office and title.  But much of that has changed. Generation X and Generation Y, who aspire to be leaders, are driven by different lifestyle choices.

While Boomers often work 60-plus hours a week, and to do “what it takes,” to get the job, Generation X and Y executives look for opportunities in a desirable city or neighbourhood, and a chance to work with other dynamic young “intrapreneurs,” doing something meaningful, while enjoying a balanced lifestyle.

That’s all wrong. You’re not doing it right. Things were better a hundred years ago. When granddad was a racist coal miner, Blacks weren’t allowed to be educated, Injuns were kept in assimilation schools, the only immigrants allowed in the country built railroads, and gas was cheaper than a pack of Marlboros.

Climate Change and social change cost points. You see, it doesn’t help to spend points or waste points worrying about something like the environment or being healthy. Besides sitting in an office is healthy; you don’t want to waste energy running around outside in the polluted air.

Even Lebron James is a no-good shiftless Generation Y-ner (get it, whiner). He dumped the Cleveland Cavaliers for a better job, elucidating the poor work ethics and loyalty of his generation. LeBron just true to his generation, the article says,

A recent analysis by Princeton economist Henry Farber shows that the percentage of private-sector male workers who’ve been with the same employer for at least 10 years fell from 50 percent in 1973 to just 35 percent in 2006, and the proportion of those with 20-year tenures dropped from 35 percent to 20 percent over the period.

But the erosion in loyalty is not merely a function of corporations being greedy or girding for the rough-and-tumble of today’s marketplace. On the flip side, numerous studies have concluded that younger people, in particular, don’t have as much allegiance to their employers as do Baby Boomers or even Gen X’ers.

The major papers all agree we are doomed. Left to the devices of the shiftless, technocentric, lazy, eco-facists, that are the next generation, North America will crumble.

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