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Exercise Your Right to Vote

February 21, 2011

Democracy is really coming into its own right now. And why not? The power to shape one’s life, to control a destiny that can make a person feel impotent when things seem out of control, is a powerful need. Imagination is a powerful tool for change.

Through some miracle I wrote a story that has been chosen for the Broken Pencil Indie Writer Death Match. Super sweet, I thought. Out of 180 stories 8 were chosen. You can vote for my story, Fatty Fatty Fat Fat, tomorrow. So, click the link and vote.

The process of writing fiction made me think of writing. I volunteer some weeknights with high school students tutoring them in English and History. My style of teaching stresses imagination. I ask the students to imagine their stories, thoughts, feelings of the characters, and even of the soldiers or pioneers in their text books.

I find it helps the student to think of things they hadn’t discovered yet. If I have a student writing a piece of fiction and their character seems drab to me, I ask them what emotion does the character have. It opens up the possibilities. How are those emotions expressed, internally and externally? Now you have a story worth reading.

I’m an amateur writer but a professional reader. So, these are just my thoughts. Sartre wrote:

A novice painter asked his teacher, “When should I consider my painting finished?’ and the teacher answered, “When you can look at it in amazement and say to yourself, “I’m the one that did that!”

Which amounts to saying never.

I get a kick out of that. My story is the first piece of fiction I’ve put up for public discourse and approval. I feel like changing so much of it now. Then again, I’m really looking forward to the feedback. And quite honestly I want to win.

Sartre’s essay is called Why Write? I can only speak to my own motivations. It’s fun, and I can bring my imagination to life. I have a lot of swirling crazy ideas in my head, and sometimes they want out. They need expression.

Ignoring your creativity seems like an awful thing. The first step in bringing something to fruition is imagining it.

So, this is a short blog asking for your vote tomorrow. Click this link and vote for Fatty Fatty Fat Fat.

Also, it’s family day in Ontario! Also known as an extra day to get laundry done.



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  1. April 5, 2011 2:02 am

    I dig.

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