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Hello and thanks for visiting my blog. This blog started out as a project for a college course in book and magazine publishing. I took the course because I wanted to work in editorial at a major publishing house. Since that didn’t work out I take work wherever I can find it.

Jeffrey is an astute observer of life and all of its absurdity. His jobs have included: selling and installing carpets, communications for the government, troubleshooting software for banks, HVAC assistant, inventory control clerk, night cleaner of public transit trains, janitor, fast food server, retail sales clerk, stage assembler, event coordinator, playwright, journalist, poet, reseracher, door-to-door sales person, assembly line constructor of various warhouse items, furniture mover, welder, manual labourer, bus boy, dish washer, sales and marketing coordinator, actor, guitarist, director, data entry clerk, poll cat, pastry chef, baker, and writer.

Because of his various work and life experiences he has learned to enjoy criticism and in fact will purposely seek it our in all manners of sundry misbehaviour. He has also been known for shining examples of good behaviour and acts of selflessness that mostly go unnoticed… and he likes it like that.

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